I have been programming computers since 1983, eli madden middlebury vtwhen I first had access to one in 4th grade (photo right). Starting with BASIC, I also soon learned Logo, and was thrilled to be able to produce more complex graphics. I was introduced to Pascal at computer camp (photo below left). As it was the only computer course offered at the time, I took it again in high school and yet again in college because it was required. I also learned C++, along with some 8086 Assembly. More recently I have done a lot of work with PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, and WordPress. I am constantly learning, and feel very fortunate to be able to use the internet to learn about anything I want at my own pace.

eli madden middlebury vtMy first computer-related job was at the local computer store during high school. This grew into a career in computer service and repair at several companies in the Burlington area as well as Middlebury. As times changed, the problems became more predictable, frequently involving virus removal. I moved on, working as a network and database administrator for a high school, maintaining the database of grades, schedules, and other critical information.

I started doing professional web programming in early 2001 as a full-time employee for Growing Design in Brattleboro, VT. I later was a part-time employee of Vermont Web Programmers for approximately a year before changing to sub-contractor status in 2007. Since then I have mainly been doing freelancing, often working as a contractor for web design companies and graphic designers. I started Quicksilver Web Works, LLC in 2009.


I believe in efficiency. Programmers have traditionally been taught that the most efficient solution is the best one. However, many seem to have forgotten this in the modern environment of fast computers, huge storage and high bandwidth communications. I also strongly support open standards, as I believe that a resource as critical as the internet should not be controlled by a private corporation’s selfish policies or restrictive government regulations. Sites that are programmed with efficient, standards-based code work better and are more likely to generate good search results. Additionally, there are an increasing number of devices being used to access the internet that don’t have the traditional large screen, such as cell phones. A semantic web is forming, which will allow searches with much more complexity than ever before, and it is crucial to produce sites that will work with these new standards.

When I built my workstation energy efficiency was very important to me because it is on most of the day. I carefully researched the components and was able to put together a quad-core workstation with dual 24″ monitors that averages less than 100 watts during normal use. Many systems with similar capabilities would use 250 watts or more.