Much of my work has been as a subcontractor for graphic designers or organizations in need of my technical expertise. Usually this work involves a non-disclosure agreement that does not allow me to disclose my involvement.

These jobs have included:

  • I was the lead developer for a company that was building Online Communities to help doctors and their staff with the transition to Electronic Health Records. The sites were based on WordPress and BuddyPress. In addition to resolving technical issues, I created custom plugins to handle specific tasks. These involved importing hundreds of users at a time from spreadsheet files, automatically creating accounts for them, assigning them to appropriate discussion groups, and automatically sending them emails with their account information. My modules then tracked the use of their site so that their organizations could accurately report their involvement to government agencies that would then give them grants and increased Medicaid / Medicare reimbursements as they met the requirements for each stage in the process. This position took the majority of my time for two years until the demand and funding decreased.
  • I built a site for a Continuing Medical Education company that provides online courses for medical professionals to keep current with their certifications. The site also provides online registration for conferences with various options. It keeps track of the credits that users have earned and users are able to download PDF copies of their certificates that the site generates “on-the-fly”. It also automatically reports them via API to accreditation agencies. I built the site with all my own code, including the e-commerce functions.
  • A product database for a textile manufacturing company with advanced search capabilities.
  • An online application process for a college exchange program.
  • A real estate listing database.
  • Online stores, photo galleries, calendars of events, press releases, discussion forums, etc.
  • Moving sites from one host to another, debugging, modifying layout, adding features, etc.